Pricing Information



The large sheets of repeat patterns are priced by the metre squared, to the nearest millimetre.  Glass prices are in bands depending on the complexity of manufacture.  Band A contains the standard patterns in etched glass (Fleur, Star, Bright Star, Empress, Clear Gothic and Fleur de lys).  Band B contains Double Fleur, Blue Gothic and Amber Gothic.  Band C is for Victorian.  We have a minimum charge of 0.25m2 but if the pieces required are much smaller than this then we can be flexible.  Two panes of laminate glass for a typical front door would vary between approx £115 and £165 (for the pair) depending on the design chosen.  

Panels such as the Regent A, Vase C etc are priced on a per item basis.

Trade discounts are available.

Plesae contact us with your measurements (rough ones are fine) for a personalised quotation.  We'll be happy to help.



Our doors can also be found at where there is detailed pricing available.  A two pane door starts from £209 and a nine pane from £349.  If you require non-standard sizes (common in period properties) then please contact us with your measurements and we will be happy to provide a personalised quote.



Delivery prices vary depending on quantity of glass / doors ordered and your location.  Small items such as corner squares can be posted.  Larger items may be delivered via courier or our own van, which may take a little longer but is by far the safest means of getting the items to you.  You are always very welcome to collect from our factory just outside Cheltenham.