How do I request a quote?

If you would like a quote for glass then please email us with the following information (or use the "contact" page on the website): the glass design you are interested in, approximate sizes (w) x (h), the thickness of the glass (typically 4mm for windows and 5mm or 7mm laminate for doors, windows adjacent to doors and low windows where safety glass is required), and a rough location for delivery purposes.  If you would like a double glazed unit, then please provide the overalll thickness of the unit you require and any specific features e.g. special colour of spacer bar.


Can I see your glass?

We are happy to send out samples of the glass where feasible i.e. for the repeat patterns, solid colours etc.  Our glass is stocked in many glass merchants around the country so it may be possible to visit a local supplier.  You would be welcome to come to the factory near Cheltenham in person.  Please ring to let us know that you will be coming.  


What are your lead times?

We are able to fulfill most orders in two to three weeks.  Sometimes it is much shorter than this and sometimes it take a little longer, particularly if we are making a bespoke piece for you or if the glass is being made into units.  It may also take time to schedule your items for delivery if they are coming on our van (the safest way of getting the glass / doors to you).  If you have a specific date in mind please discuss this when ordering and we will do our best to accommodate.  


Do you fit?

We are a supplier only but have contacts within the glass trade across the country and may be able to recommend a local firm that you can work with.


How do I order?

You can email us or ring us to order.  We will require exact measurements in mm, glass design and thickness .  If you are ordering a single pane of patterned glass then we will centralise the pattern.  If you are ordering multiple panes of patterned glass that will sit next to each other, then we will need the bar size(s) between the pieces so that we can line the pattern through.  


How obscure is the glass?

Most of the glass has a clear (i.e. transparent) design with an etched (obscure) background.  If you need privacy (e.g. for a bathroom door or window) then Double Fleur would be suitable.  Alternatively, we are able to laminate a piece of plain etched glass to any or the standard designs to make an obscure version e.g. Obscure Star.  We are happy to send out samples so that you can see the effect.


Why do you not supply toughened glass?

The toughening process distorts the colour of the glass.  We therefore supply our glass in laminate form instead of toughened to create a safety glass product suitable for doors.


Can you match period designs?

We are sometimes able to match period designs and produce a bespoke piece, usually to match an existing panel.  Our ability to do this depends on the complexity and size of the piece(s).