Splashline is a unique new range of glass splashbacks, designed to act as a focal point in your kitchen.
The rippled surface of the glass creates a wonderful effect with light that will draw the eye.

Designer Splashback
Silver splashback
Waterside Splashbacks
Splashline splashbacks

We are happy to send out samples of our glass. We would also be delighted to discuss individual bespoke options with you.

Please call us on 01242 228000 or Email us at


Spashline products are available as regular 6mm glass or toughened glass. The standard range shown below includes both single colours and colour combinations mixed with silver. We are also able to provide bespoke options, either standalone colours or mixed with silver / gold. Our splashbacks can be made to your exact specifications, including shaped tops and cut-outs for sockets and switches. Made with UV resistant acrylic paint and treated with an epoxy backing coat, they are made to last and should give you many years of pleasure.
Please contact us for a quote or to request a sample.

Slate Grey textured Splashback


Silver and Grey Splashback

Silver Slate

Pearl splashback


Pearl and Silver Splashback

Silver Pearl

Metallic Blue splashback


Silver and blue splashback

Silver Blue

Silver and Champagne coloured splashback

Silver Champagne

Silver and Gold splashback

Silver Gold

Metallic Silver splashback


Metallic Royal Gold coloured Splashback

Royal Gold