The process of sandblasting uses fine abrasive particles to produce an etched appearance on the surface of the glass.  Each piece is made by hand, first creating and laying out the design on the glass and then carrying out the sand-blasting process. 

sandblasted glass window panes


The sand-blasting proess allows us to produce designs to your exact specification.  Frequently used for etched glass fanlights, we can add your house name or house number, with or without a surrounding border.

We can sand-blast any of our Regent designs or our Vase C design to create a bespoke product that will eactly fit the size of glass panel that you require. We can also apply decorative borders to these designs or apply the border standalone.  If the glass is not being laminated or placed into a unit then a protective covering can be applied to the sandblasted surface.

We can sandblast bespoke designs and will undertake other artists projects upon request..  Please contact us for further details.

Sandblasted Glass with Single Line Border


Sandblasted glass with Single Line border

Sandblasted Glass with Double Line Border


Double Line sandblasted border used for a fanlight.

Sandblasted Glass with Scalloped Border


Scalloped sandblasted border

Sandblasted Glass with Fleur Border


Fleur sandblasted border

Sandblasted glass with 'Old' gothcih-style Border


'Old' gothic-style sandblasted border

Sandblasted glass with Belle Epoque style Border


Belle Epoque style sandblasted border

Sandblasted Glass with Greek Key Border

Greek Key

Greek Key sandblasted border

Sandblasted Glass with Art Deco style Border


Art Deco style sandblasted border