Etched Glass Doors - Two pane

A traditional Edwardian / Victorian internal door with two flat lower panels, period mouldings and two upper panes of glass.  Sometimes known as a vestibule door or parlour door and widely used for hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.  An etched glass door will bring additional light into a room and may replace a solid door for this purpose.

Victorian Etched Glass Doors


The two pane doors can be glazed with any of the Etched Glass repeat patterns or with the Regent A panels.  They are avaiable in a variety of finishes: untreated, stained & waxed, primed in white paint or fully finished.  The colour of the pine will darken naturally over time.  Standard sizes available are 685 x 1981, 762 x 1981, 838 x 1981, 726 x 2040 and 826 x 2040.  Doors can be trimmed / enlarged to accommodate non-standard sizes.  Examples of doors are shown below but any combination of glass and finish is possible.  Please contact us for further details.

Star Etched Glass Door


Two pane door with Star etched Glass.  Primed finish.

Victorian half-glazed door


Two panedoor with Regent glass panels.  Stained & waxed finish

Fleur Etched Glass Door


Two pane door with Fleur etched glass.  Shown in a stained finish.

Double Fleur Etched Glass Door

Double Fleur

Two pane door with Double Fleur etched glass.  Shown fully finished in Farrow & Ball 'Shaded White' colour.

Amber Gothic Etched Glass Door

Amber Gothic

Two pane door with Amber Fleur glass.  Shown fully finished in Farrow & Ball 'Shaded White' colour.

Empress Etched Glass Door


Two pane door with Empress etched glass.  Shown in an untreated finish.