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The method of producing “etch” enamel glass was developed and patented in 1805 by John Davenport. In 1988, Barron Glass set out to revive this process of decorating sheet glass which involved developing a technique of kiln firing the glass which enabled large sheets of glass to be decorated. Importantly, this unique process maintained the flatness of the glass whilst applying extraordinary high levels of colour consistency.

Propriety Technology

With this patented process, Barron Glass was able to produce an unrivalled selection of decorated period glass and became the principal supplier in the UK.

The company is committed to the continual search for new and innovative glass products.

Our expertise manifests itself in products that truly enhance the benefits of incorporating glass into contemporary and traditional interior design projects.

New Developments
We are currently developing a new range of lustre glass and a new laminating process for architectural applications.

Profile - Michael Barron MD
Michael Barron has over 20-years of experience in manufacturing, operations and sales. With a dedicated team of specialist staff, he oversees every aspect of the design, development and production process.

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